Friday, September 23, 2011

In the Beginning...

Every blog has a beginning, and this is mine. First of all, meet Teri. Some of you may already be acquainted with Teri. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting her, I will gladly make the introductions: Dear Readers, this is Teri. Teri, these are my Dear Readers. As you can see, she is a very powerful woman. I am pleased to add that Teri is my best friend. I first met Teri many year ago when we were Unschoolin' Mamas. We were standing side by side pushing our youngest children - Teri's Willow and my Eli - on the swings at Liberty Park. I had no idea then that a blog would be my destiny.

 This is me. We are on our second Thursday Adventure at Antelope Island. It was about this time, the blood rushing to my head, that Teri said to me: "You should write a blog." A BLOG? If any of  my Dear Readers are also one of my 12 Facebook friends (because I never post except when I changed my profile picture to the Androgynous Cow Person, which was me last Halloween) then you understand my cynical response that was followed by a laugh. Really Teri? What would I say?  To whom would I be speaking? And more importantly, would anyone want to read my version of my days and look at pictures of me bum?A-Ha! I caught you. To all this Teri replied, "Your blog will be amazing." So spurred on by my friend's enthusiasm and confidence, here I am. Would you like to meet my inspiration for my blog?
                                                                                  ...oops wrong photo. Scroll down.

My inspiration for Journey Amongst the Living -
my children (three are mine and two are Teri's).
They are all so thrilled to be posing by a bronzed bison. I tried talking the 5 into "riding" the bison but the 5 law-abiding -or in this case, sign-abiding - pointed out a small plaque at the foot of the bison that stated: PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH. 

I was slightly discouraged by the DO NOT TOUCH bison but later I talked Teri into riding the wooden bull with a crick in his neck; happiness and harmony was restored.
It was yippee-kayay of a day.


  1. Hey Stephanie! It was great to see you at memorial park. I hope we happily romp and play together again!