Friday, September 30, 2011

Blanket Adventures and More

This week Dear Readers another Adventure Thursday - we have returned amongst the living to visit Veterans Memorial Park in West Jordan. Okay, judging from the three teenagers collapsed in a heap on the jean quilt I made out of well, jeans and Christmas pajamas - made by our very own Grandma - that my children have outgrown, we, or more to the point they, barely arose to join the living.

I'm suspecting a theme here. Dear Readers may I present evidence for closer inspection:

Last week at Antelope Island: Back Seat Adventures.
This week at Veteran's Memorial Park: Blanket Adventures.
Note to Grandma:
Dear Grandma,
              Thank you for all the beautifully cozy pajamas over the years (this flashback picture is from Christmas 2010 and as a side note, these pajamas have not yet been transformed into a blanket). And Grandma, did you every imagine these warm vibrant pajamas would be so adored that after many sweet dreams in our pajama gowns and pants, they would be the integral squares in nostalgic quilts and that those quilts would be used for Blanket Adventures and spotlighted in our new blog?!
Give Grandpa a big  hug from all of us!

The park scene: the two younger sibs enjoyed romping around the wooden play structures highlighting architecture and destinations in Utah  - as the three older sibs enjoyed their blanket burrito (to see the "blanket burrito" you will need to leap frog over to Teri's blog: .

One such destination: Antelope Island.

Of course, we had to stop by Gaunt's Woolen mill to stock up on more wool for our crafting: hand-felted creatures, hats, and scarves; all projects we worked on kissed by the dappled sunlight as we sat upon a blanket, engaged in our own blanket adventure.
Join us in our trip down memory lane: 
Teri pushing our children just like we did when we met one another for the first time. This is even the same style of swing we pushed our littles on. Deaer Readers I beseech you to gaze upon Teri's serene expression of happy nostalgia.

Surprise visitor - I was busily needle felting under Teri's watchful eye when who should approach, Stephanie from: ordinary life magic. It was as if she, her two children, and husband appeared by magic: which wouldn't at all surprise me. For the last time I saw Stephanie she was garbed in a witch's costume complete with a black hat at Teri's Halloween Party. My Dear Readers I would be delighted if your park day should include the magical materialization of an old friend.
After a quick romp in the grass, we folded our blankets, and packed them away in the hope of many more adventures amongst the living.

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