Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Countdown

It's time! The Halloween countdown has begun. We are all actively engaged in our Halloween preparations. Halloween is a big event at our home. Our Halloween decorations are up and at night our home is transformed to a Halloween wonder land with orange twinkle lights, apple spiced potpourri simmering on the stove, and Jerusha's costume from last year - a blood spattered white apron with a human liver in the pocket - prominently displayed on the front door. We've even discussed what Puck and Loki, our guinea pigs, should be for Halloween.

At school Jerusha is working on her paper mache horns with Angel, a staff member at Sego Lily. These will  be the crowning glory of her Tiefling costume (yes, a Tiefling. A Tiefling is a mythical creature from D&D. D&D is short for Dungeons and Dragons). Angel and Jerusha worked on the horns for hours and hours - forming, pasting, and then drying.

While at home, Eli and I worked on a Halloween art project - cheesecloth ghosts.

First, you blow up balloons and then you hand the slobbery balloons to your mom to tie the end into a knot.

Then you place the blown up balloons onto a tall platform in preparation of draping the starch soaked cheesecloth over the balloons to create the long wispy ghost form - we used mason jars.
Mom demonstrating how to tie the slobbery balloon end into a knot.

Next, you take a break and play balloon volleyball in your living room. If you are a 10 year old boy then you will enjoy balloon volleyball more than getting your hands sticky with starch in a craft project with your mom.
Now the starch - if it looks like this, lumpy and congealed - you have a problem.
So you will need to do some quick problem solving, make a huge mess, and pour the starch into the blender while your 10 year old son asks, "Mom, how much longer is this going to take." Because he has a very important date with his DSI.
After the starch is blended to a smooth consistency, you are prepared for the next step. Dip the cheesecloth into the starch and form over the balloons. Now, this is very messy, so don't be surprised if your child says, "Mom, I don't like this. My hands feel disgusting. Mom, I'll take the pictures and Jerusha (his older sister, the one earlier in the blog with the paper mache dripping on her shoulders from her Tiefling horns) can help you."

So Mom finishes the project by herself, while Jerusha and Eli play balloon volleyball. When the project is complete Mom takes pictures for her blog and then calls her son to the table and says, "Pose by the balloon ghosts!"

And don't be surprised that while you and your son are cleaning up the starch spattered on the kitchen floor and all you can think about is the starch dripping off the ceiling because you took the lid of the blender too soon, your son looks up at you, genuinely smiles and says, "Mom, that was fun! I really like hanging out with you."  

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