Thursday, October 20, 2011

Libra Power

 October is Libra Power month. "Activate!" My daughter made me an apple pie for my birthday. This was the best apple pie I have ever had the pleasure to devour. It was Grandma Opal's recipe and made from scratch by my daughter. I am a connoisseur of homemade apple pies. I've requested and eaten homemade apple pies for the past 25 years and this one, right here, to the left, is the absolute best!
On the Sunday before my Birthday, Jerusha planned a birthday party for me at her dad's home in Tooele. In addition to the apple pie we had pasta salad, and blt's with fresh garden tomatoes. My girls, Hannah and Jerusha, made me a Happy Birthday sign in hirogana. They have been studying Japanese for the past 2 years.

Our dinner celebration began with a delicious bowl of Miso soup.
On the evening of my birthday Aric arrived home from work with a dozen red roses and then swept me off to Kyoto for sushi. On the drive to the restaurant, I received a birthday phone call from Aric's parents. I was showered with more love and attention on my special day.

Aric ordered green tea ice cream for dessert and when the waitress brought it out, there was a white candle with pink Polk-a-dots in the middle of the scoop of ice cream. I made a wish and together we devoured our dessert. It was a lovely meal.
The following week we celebrated Aric's Birthday. We had dinner at our friends Teri and David's house. It was a simple celebration (I had thrown Aric a surprise Oktoberfest party the weekend before his Birthday) with delicious food and divine brownies.

Aric's birthday candles were on Teri's counter and Willow, Teri's 9 year old daughter, saw the number 9 and the number 3 candle side by side and exclaimed, "Aric is turning 93?"
We look forward to many wonderful celebrations!

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