Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Dasher...to Christmas

Do you sense the anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year? Christmas Morning when the house is full of joy and cheer and the groaning of a teenager as she collapses  upon the ground spent from the effort of climbing the stairs from her basement bedroom to join the family at the early hour of 10am.

Eli still eats the wrapping paper. (Not Really).

Jerusha contemplates her gifts from Chonie Clause.

Baconny Goodness!
 After opening stockings and gifts from Santa - also known as Chonie Clause because of his tradition of bringing a new pair of underwear (known in our home as chonies) for each of us - we take a break to indulge in a new Christmas tradition,

 I'm interrupting Christmas morning with a flashback to Christmas Eve when I was introduced to Daisy. As Eli put it, "At first Daisy was a little creepy and freaked me out but she's really quite beautiful." So it was not long after we arrived at Paul's home for our traditional Christmas Eve gathering that Daisy was  crawling in my palm and I have to say that I had warm fuzzies holding her, literally.

Back to Christmas Morning...
and it looked a little something like me tackling Jerusha. Okay, that is pretty much what happend. I mislabeled a present for Hannah with the name of my other daughter, "Jerusha". I realized my mistake too late, that is after Jerusha opened her art pencils and I realized Hannah did not have her art pencil shaped wrapped package in her unopened gift pile. I did ask first, sweetly, for the mislabeled gift. Jerusha refused stating, "If it has my name on it, the gift is mine." So I demanded, to which Jerusha replied, "The gift has my name, it's mine," and she snatched the gift pressing it protectively to her chest. So that is the exact moment I pounced, leaping over gifts, crumpled wrapping paper and a small child named Eli to tackle Jerusha in the attempt to wrestle the gift out of her clutches forgetting that she regularly wrestles with her father and fights dirty - biting, scratching, and kicking. So as you can see, our festive morning was interrupted by a... Beat-Beat match!
A special thanks to Aric for capturing this beautiful moment - Jerusha kicking my bum, which for the record hurt, real bad!
So may your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be full of 
collapsing teenagers, 
new chonies, 
baconny goodnes, 
warm fuzzies, 
which all equals 
a totally butt kickin' celebration!


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