Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Behold, th Lion Tamer.

Every Lion Tamer needs a lion.
 Presenting a most anticipated event...
Halloween 2011.

Halloween Pizzas
 On Hallween, Jerusha kicked us -Aric, Hannah, Eli and me (Mom) -out of our house so she could host a private, invitation only, she-she event...
Jerusha's Teenage Halloween Party. So after work and school, Eli, Hannah, and I hustled out the door to our own party with the Reads. It was scary to leave our home in the hands of six 13 year old teens, horrifying actually, but it is Halloween!? Jerusha had her party planned, the pizza on the table, drinks in the fridge, teenagers in every room transitioning to frightening monsters, or did they arrive that way??? Hmmmm....and with a hug, kiss, and a promise to call me every hour she shoved me out the door.  She dazzled all of he friends with her party hostess drill sergeant style, "Move it, move it, move it, we have 13 minutes to change, inhale pizza, and hit the streets for candy!" I would like to add that Jerusha had spent the previous week on a reconnaissance mission, biking the neighborhood, scoping out Trick-or-Treat routes. Judging by the full pillow-cases, the mission was a success.
Eli! Willow! Look behind you!
Bloody hands that will soon be in the punch.

At our own party, we made Halloween pizzas and drank bloody punch with frozen floating bloody hands. It was disgustingly delicious! After our first round of pizzas it was time to take "Duck-Girl" and "Eye-Girl" trick-or-treating.

Could that be "Eye-Girl" and "Duck-Girl"? Why yes, I do declare it is.

Oh look, an unguarded bowl of candy. Eye girl, you be the look out and I will hide the candy in my bill. Wonder twin trick-or-treat duo trick-and-treat.
Snowy was forced to join in the Halloween festivities.

After a few hours running around in the dark and taking candy from strangers, it was time to inspect the loot. 

So you are wondering, as I thought you would: who is "Duck-Girl" and "Eye-Girl"? I will reveal the identity of our two characters: "Duck-Girl" is not a girl, but Eli and he is not a duck, but an Army Penguin! And "Eye-Girl" you ask? Well she is a she and none other than Willow, but the "Girl" who is a girl is not an "Eye-Girl" but a...look at the picture closely, the red on her black sweatshirt is a clue...
a black widow!

And finally if you are wondering why I referred to these two trick-or-treaters in quotation marks, well I will tell you the tale. On a Halloween Night two unsuspecting children in homemade costumes made in part with their very own hands, knocked upon the door of a very old house and when the door opened there stood before them a very old lady who had a very loud voice. When she saw these two little characters she exclaimed, "Well look who we have here! It is Duck Girl and Eye Girl!" And so born from that ear piercing, heart pounding exclamation were two amazing super heroes: "Duck-Girl" and "Eye-Girl" endowed with the super power to dazzle strangers in the night, one "girl" armed with a bill, the other "girl" armed with eyes, and both destined to receive hand fulls of sugary goodness! 

And to all a good night....
oops, wrong holiday.


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